Business Support for Ohio County, KY Businesses

From a business standpoint, Ohio County is both convenient and cost effective. The state of Kentucky offers state level incentives and the OCEDA is a one-stop-shop for business support. Whether a large corporation or a start up entrepreneur, Ohio County, KY provides business planning, permitting, workforce recruitment, incentives, financing, and planning and zoning help through a dedicated team of professionals.  

OCEDA provides direct support to businesses looking to grow in the county. This includes site selection assistance, providing access to loans, grants and incentives, helping to write a business plan and conduct market research, permitting assistance, and serving as an overall project manager to bring everything together for a project’s success. 


State and local incentives are available for qualifying businesses. This may include access to grants, tax incentives, workforce programs and property incentives. 

Ohio County, KY Industrial Park

The Bluegrass Crossing Business Centre offers advantages for businesses looking to grow and expand into Kentucky. The park has 1000+ acres ready for development and occupancy. OCEDA can provide support to businesses interested in the park, such as assisting with the planning and permitting process. 

Business Planning

OCEDA and the SBDC work with entrepreneurs and local businesses who are looking to expand. We can provide help with business and financial planning, gathering data and conducting market research, and be a general sounding board for ideas. When possible, we bring local resources together to help these businesses so that they have the support they need to succeed.